Employee Retention

When I was setting up Activate3D, I recruited Nick. Shortly thereafter, he was asked to stay on at an old job. This forced me to dig deep into my pockets to offer him a signing bonus. I dug out $29.95 which is conveniently enough to buy one of these. (They’ve apparently gone up since then.)

World's Largest Gummy Bear

World's Largest Gummy Bear

Some might wonder if such a wonderful item with its 5 lbs. of mostly sugar and its 12,000 calories would work as a signing bonus. I give you, exhibit A.

Nick With Gummy

Nick With Gummy

Nick’s still writing code and kicking butt at Activate3D. Last sprint, he optimized our software and made it more than 2X faster… come to think of it, maybe I should buy more Gummy Bears.



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