Recent Restaurants

I just took a trip to Atlanta, and I ran into two really good restaurants that I figured I’d mention on here.

First up, Stats. Stats is a sports bar near the Georgia Aquarium. Theresa and I stopped in for a quick burger. The food was great, and our server, AJ, was equally good. However, Stats gets a mention because it has tables that they call Beer Heaven. Beer flows from taps on the table, and the TVs descend from the sky. (Literally. They have TVs on winches that come down from the ceiling.) I’m not sure it gets better than that. On top of it, AJ said that beer from the table taps is measured by the ounce and sold at the same price as from the bar. i.e., Take the pint price and divide by 16 to get the ounce price. It just sounds outstanding, and I hope that I get a chance to go back and partake.

Second up, Piola. We went to Piola for casual Italian one night. It’s more of a specialty pizza place than Italian/pasta, but I’m not unhappy. For example, we got the Copenhagen which had Parmesan, brie, and smoked salmon on it. It was unique and surprisingly good. Piola also has a number of locations in Brazil and has, as a result, added a mean Caipirinha to the menu. Theresa recommends it. Best of all for my local readers, they just opened a location in Raleigh with another planned in Chapel Hill. It was a very fortuitous find for this trip.



One Response to “Recent Restaurants”

  1. John Goodale Says:

    I had dinner at STATS not too long ago. Great place, indeed!!! If you’re ever up in Buckhead and you like Mediterranean seafood, KYMA is a must!!! I love that place; fish flown in from the Mediterranean daily, and it’s pretty incredible!

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