Two Things

First thing. Microsoft sent us some dope swag as Nick pointed out on his blog. Here’s my less good picture.

Lighted Games for Windows Sign

I’m not sure why they sent us this sign, but it’s pretty nice particularly for punking a colleague.

Second thing. That engineer in the picture is Tim. Tim is headed off to EA-Mythic soon to work on some cool games. That means that I need to hire a replacement that can write the graphics codes as well as Tim. That’s right, Emergent is hiring. If you read this blog and think it might be cool to work on game technology or work with me, now is your chance. I’ve been with NDL and now Emergent for over 8 years. It’s a great place to work, we do fun stuff, and we get to play with the latest tech in gaming.

Here’s the actual job listing if you’re interested. If you aren’t a graphics programmer, there are other listings here. Alternatively, feel free to contact me directly by the blog or email. I’m spam-shy enough from my last website that I won’t post my email in plain text here. You’ll have to piece it together. đŸ™‚ It’s my last name, amerson. The domain is Put an @ in the middle.

Edit: Nick pointed out that you can have a contact form on WordPress. I have added one which you can see on the right or click here.



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