Holiday Hiatus

I should have posted ahead of my holiday break to warn any regular readers about the way I take time off. I pretty much disconnect from the world. I don’t check email; I don’t surf the net; I sit around and read, watch movies, and play single player games. Ergo, there’s been a gap in posts. I’m back and backlogged, so here’s some link spam from my feeds and holidays to get things started back:

  • Blood Bowl, a Gamebryo title, is coming to retail in Q1 2010. For folks that are fans of the IP, this is good news.
  • Kim Pallister has an interesting discussion of Amazon ratings and reviews based off another article from Seth Godin. One or both are worth the read.
  • Our friends over at Epic showed off UE3 running on iPhone. That’s cool tech. I’m still not sure what the market/business plan for big engines is on the iPhone, but that doesn’t detract from cool tech.

Also of note, I got a video camera over the break, the Kodak Zi8. I told my wife that I wanted to do some streaming video experiments and she went out and found me a tool. A very thoughtful Christmas present that should lead to some fun.



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