ACM and Copyright

I keep meaning to rejoin the ACM and get digital library access. There are a lot of great papers in there, and I figured I should read them. Of late though, the ACM has taken a particularly draconian stance on copyright. Here’s a story from the Real-Time Rendering blog where they asked a grad student to take down links to papers, not the papers themselves. That was righted, but today, I hear they are fighting open publication of papers that receive federal money. In other words, you can’t read something you paid for. Stories at Christer Ericson’s blog here and again on Real-Time Rendering. This policy is already in place for items funded by the NIH as noted on the government request for input.

I think I’ll hold off on that ACM membership for now. It may preclude my reading of some papers, but this is getting out of hand.

As a side note, perhaps more general copyright reform is in order. I read a blurb a while back about the ideal copyright period being fourteen years or so to maximize public benefit.



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