SIGGRAPH 09: Day 4 Quickshot

A quick update. I was out too late networking and carousing with the guys from IDV, FIEA, and Intel last night, so I didn’t get a full post up. I’ll rectify that later. For now, here’s the quick summary.

  • The bulk of the day was in the Beyond Programmable Shading course. It was pretty cool. The notes are here if you want to peruse.
  • Another top secret meeting.
  • Saw the Caustic Graphics guys real-time raytracing stuff. It’s pretty cool, but it’s a new card. Run it on the GPU! They claim they have the best cost per ray in terms of dollars and watts hence the new HW, but…
  • Demo of the new PhysX DCC plugins. Pretty cool.

Short but sweet. dba


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