SIGGRAPH 09: Day 2

Today was another great day at the show. I started with the course on Real-Time Global Illumination for Dynamic Scenes. This was a great overview of techniques. They started with SSAO and proceeded to walk through various algorithms. One category used virtual point lights to approximate indirect illumination. Another set basically ran a real time radiosity solution. Unfortunately, it was information overload. I spent the whole session writing down references to papers so I can look them up next week. I’ll try to post some of those once I have links and titles. I’ll also try to link to the course notes at some point since they have a reall great table on the last page that shows the pros and cons of each technique. Overall, this was a great course. If they repeat next year, it’s well worth your time.

I spent some time on the exhibition floor. There was some cool stuff, but I’ll definitely need to go back through. There are a ton of booths.

  • IDV’s hand modeling tools for SpeedTree 5.0 are unbelievable. I had seen a demo a few months back, but it’s come so far that my jaw dropped. If you’re at the show, go ask Steve for the hand modeling demo. You can check out the second coolest piece of middleware that I know… LightSpeed is first, obviously.
  • The University of Central Florida – FIEA has been using Gamebryo for some time for student projects. I stopped by today to see some of them. They have a DJ/dance game called Sultans of Scratch which is very cool and worth a look.
  • The job fair was running. It looked a bit anemic which is not surprising given the economy, but games were well represented.

The rest of my day was in meetings. I originally intended to go to the Color Imaging course, but I made a tactical decision to peruse the exhibition a bit more and then skip it to come back to the room. That let me swap emails back home, work out, and write this post BEFORE I go out tonight. Dinner tonight is at NOLA. Sweet!

Bam! dba


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