SIGGRAPH 09: Day 1/2

Let’s review the day:

  • Wake up in Miami because your flights were late on Sunday.
  • Wait on standby hoping you get lucky to get to New Orleans.
  • Miss Anton Kaplanyan’s talk on real time GI that you really wanted to see.
  • Get lucky on a standby flight and at least catch the last half of the day.

Yes, that was my day. I was blessed with a delay at RDU last night that landed me in Miami 4 minutes after my connection to New Orleans left. I did, however, get lucky on standy today. My confirmed flight landed me around 5:30PM CDT.

Once I hit the ground, I swept into Advanced in Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics and Games. The afternoon sessions were pretty good. They started with a presentation from Jeremy Moore and David Jeffries from Black Rock Studios who worked on PURE and the upcoming Split/Second. The latter half of the presentation on Split/Second had some interesting tidbits about deferred rendering. However, I was much more interested in the foliage rendering discussion from PURE. There was a very interesting technique presented which rendered color and alpha to separate buffers with a subsequent combine pass. The technique used alpha testing for internal aliasing but relied on a more sophisticated shader to reduce aliasing at foliage edges when combining. I’m really looking forward to the course notes on this since they have more detail on the alpha blending operations that were used. It’s a combination of blending and testing that looked somewhat order independent in the talk.

Jason Yang presented a number of techniques from AMD. I really wish I could dive into them, but he presented a ton of information. I touched base with him after the talk to get some of the papers via email. There was a ton of technical information.

The session closed, for me anyway, with a discussion from Alex Evans of Media Molecule on the rendering decisions in Little Big Planet. I’d summarize them thusly:

  • Make development decisions based on your teams constraints, limitations, and prejudices.
  • Mix a number of techniques into a rendering pipeline that works for you and gives you the look you desire.
  • We’re past DX9, so don’t be afraid to use techniques that don’t fit precisely in the VS/PS model.

Overall, Alex’s talk was great. There were a number of great technical nuggets even when he said we shouldn’t implement them.

I finished the night up having a bite with Mark from NVIDIA, and that was a good time. We had a great creole dinner plus Hurricanes at Pat O’Brien’s which is why this post may or may not have made sense. 🙂

And that’s the way it is. More good stuff tomorrow. dba.


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