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E3 Podcast

Posted in Video Game Development, Video Games with tags , , on June 8, 2009 by Dan Amerson

At Vince’s insistence on Friday, we recorded a podcast on short notice. You can find it over here. We cover E3 announcements amongst other things.

Did you know that a Zune can’t play a wave file? dba


Quick Shot

Posted in Wednesday Update with tags , , , on June 4, 2009 by Dan Amerson

Despite attempting to be more productive and treat my time as more valuable, I haven’t carved out enough time to update the blog well. However, I do have a cool picture from my Vegas Vactation to share. While we were there, Theresa and I met up with Damon and Mel who were up for the weekend from LA. We decided to hit the Minus 5 Ice Lounge for some fun. Here’s the pic.

Dan at Minus 5 Ice Lounge

Dan at Minus 5 Ice Lounge

The walls, ice.

The glasses, ice.

The furniture, ice.

Those furs, well, they are fur. If they weren’t, you would stick to the ice which probably wouldn’t work well.

Side note, Damon spins electronic music, mostly house and trance, in southern California. If you’re looking for some good tunes, check out DJ Skywalker.

Apparently, the ice glasses are made in New Zealand and shipped to Vegas. I’ve yet to figure out the economics of that. dba