Shipping Product, It’s an Afterthought… Sort of

Today’s Topics:

  • Triangle Game Conference
  • Black Belts
  • Kites
  • Gamebryo LightSpeed!

Triangle Game Conference

The Triangle Game Conference occurred over the past two days. I attended on Thursday. The conference was a great chance to gather with some other developers in the area and interact. The highlight session, excluding those from co-workers, was Martin Mittring discussing deferred lighting in CryEngine3. Mainly, I wanted to point out what a great accomplishment the conference was for all who organized it and what it means for North Carolina as a game development hub. I’ve always maintained that NC was one of the top 5 areas for game development in the United States, and this is another indication.

Black Belts

We’re graduating a class of black belts tomorrow at IMAA. I may even do a demo. If you’re in the area and want to check it out, come by at 10AM.


When I was younger, I needed a job. I found one at the local kite shop. Kiting turned into a passion for me. I amassed a large collection of several dozen kites of varying complexity, quality, and artistry. I started out focusing on dual line kites and got into radical flying where you dump the wind from your sail to perform tricks with slack lines. From there I explored quad line kiting and single line kiting a bit. When a friend was moving to China and needed to dump his collection, I managed to get some flexifoils and get into  power kiting. It’s fun but dangerous.

Over the years, I’ve flown less and less. Two weeks ago, however, I got a chance to fly again. Since then I’ve had another outing, and I’m hooked on the feeling again. Kiting is truly relaxing and cathartic for me. It’s a great thing to get completely away from your computer, your phone, and pretty much everything to commune with the wind. Whether you’re flying something stable in a smooth breeze or going radical in a light wind, being in touch with the kite at the other end of the lines is amazing. I’m hoping to fly again this weekend if the weather permits. If you’re in the Raleigh area and want to fly, let me know. I’d love to meet up at Lake Crabtree and share my refound passion.

Gamebryo LightSpeed

Last but not least, Gamebryo LightSpeed is gold! I will espouse the virtues of our new product in another post. For now, I’ll just say that I’m very glad to have finished things and shipped. It’s been a long effort. The product is amazing as has been the effort of the entire time. I’m lucky to work with all the talented and passionate folks at Emergent, and I’m looking forward to the reaction in the market.

No plans this weekend. Heaven. dba


2 Responses to “Shipping Product, It’s an Afterthought… Sort of”

  1. Oh yeah, kites are awesome. I got into that habit just a few months ago, but it’s amazing.

    Congrats on lightspeed release as well.

  2. whatmakesyouthinkimnot Says:

    What kites are you flying? My bag is full of older stuff with a lot of Invento/HQ kites which I love, but I’m thinking I should try out something more modern to see what the state of the art is.


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