Bittersweet Return

After missing several Wednesday Updates, I’m back to blogging. Unfortunately, I have sad news to impart on my return. Let me first say that I’ve always been a proponent of Microsoft. Whenever anyone spoke ill of the Xbox 360, I was there to defend it. My launch 360 has served me well since November 2005 until… well, tonight. Red Ring of Death for me, and I’m outside the warranty.

[Update] I went looking for my new 360 today, and I’m not sure what to buy. If anyone has suggestions, let me know. I can save some bread and get an arcade since my current HDD is fine. However, I’ve heard that I want a bigger HDD now that I can load games onto it, so I was thinking I should get an Elite with the 120GB HDD.  I then  heard there was a bundle coming soon, and I would like Fable II which would effectively be a $50 discount on an Elite. I just don’t know when that bundle drops. Advice would be appreciated from those who have done this shopping of late.

I guess tomorrow is a good time to shop for a new one with a bigger hard drive. dba


One Response to “Bittersweet Return”

  1. Jon Wolfe Says:

    I hear you! I had a launch 360 from the same Emergent batch. It- red ringed in feb 08, but MS sent me the exact same box back. Two weeks ago, the spindle motor(or gearing) in the optical drive went. It cost $100, but I got it fixed. I had already bought the 120 Gig hdd when it came out. I debated an Arcade unit to replace it, but in the end went with the cheaper solution. This time, they sent me a new(refurb) one. I mailed it on a Monday, and got it back the Wednesday a week later. They gave me a full 1 year warranty on this one. My main gripe is that their DRM solution is broken. I could not get some of my old paid DLC to work without being signed into live, despite following Microsoft’s instructions for restoring the license after migrating consoles.

    I have secondary refurb 360 that I won last December, gave to to my boys for Christmas, and it red ringed two days later. I’m as big of a Microsoft fan boy as they come, but man they’ve made it hard on a brother sometimes…

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