Post Christmas Miscellany

Arising from the food coma that is Christmas in the Amerson family, here’s some miscellaneous bits about furniture shopping for the weekend.

Some Tips for Furniture Shopping in the Raleigh Area

Theresa and I need a dining room table. Right now, we’re using an heirloom dropleaf table from my great-grandmother which is dwarfed by the room. Since we’re hoping to host larger gatherings, we need something that will seat 8 or 10. Over the last month, we’ve hit up a number of places. We eventually settled on this table. It’s got a really cool finish on the top which is unfortunately hard to see in the pictures. I’ve also learned some important tips for furniture shopping around Raleigh.

  • Go to Whitley Galleries first.
    • It’s a whole city block. When you walk in, they give you a map.
    • It is a small drive out to Zebulon, but it’s worth it for sheer breadth of selection.
  • Check out Wayside Furniture House next.
  • Go to Glenwood Ave./US-70 last.
    • There are a ton of places out there, but it’s such a pain.

Meant to post Friday, but I forgot. dba


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