Crisis on Multiple Builds

We had a major blockage in our continuous integration system last night which caused yet another Wednesday Update delay. I spent yesterday afternoon pretending I was an air traffic controller for our source control system. I’m still here for a short one though. I promise some real content next week.

  • Gamebryo Alpha
  • Book Club!

Coming Soon!

The next version of Gamebryo is scheduled to hit alpha this Friday. We’re working hard to get things finished to alpha level which is the other part of the reason this post will be so short. The next version is going to be an amazingly huge addition of functionality to Gamebryo, so keep your eyes here. I’ll be talking about it in the next few weeks as we get closer. PM is keeping me tight lipped for now.

Not a Fan

We have a book club here at emergent. We recently read Gene Wolfe’s first two volumes of The Book of the New Sun. It was fairly highly recommended, and even includes praise from Gaiman and Le Guin on the cover. I, however, am not a fan. I do not recommend it. I read the first volume and quit. I think it’s that bad. If you do choose to read it, I highly recommend reading the appendix of The Shadow of the Torturer first. When I got to it after investing several hours in the book, I felt betrayed by the author. It’s the type of info that should go into a foreward.

I can’t really justify more time today. Sorry. dba


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