The second day of NVISION was a pretty good one although my actual attendance at the conference was pretty brief. I had a top secret meeting in the morning before my talk. I can’t talk about that… blah … blah… have to kill you… blah … blah. In the afternoon, I popped up the highway to visit a potential customer and sell some software or, as I like to call it, keep getting paychecks. That was a pretty good meeting overall, but it did involve a minor bit of scrambling since I didn’t realize I was supposed to demo from my laptop. I spent the first thirty minutes of the meeting rebuilding the tools that they wanted to see while answering questions about the product. I’m a multitasker.

On to the show…

I gave my talk on integrating stream processing via Floodgate with CUDA at 11AM. I think it was pretty well received. Since it was early in the show, the room wasn’t divided like it will be today. Even though I was scheduled in Almaden Room 1, I had access to both sides and double the capacity. Seated capacity was around 90, and I think I filled 50 of those. Not bad considering 50 would have maxed out the half of the room I was scheduled in. I got some good questions afterwards from attendees. One, from Sebastien at NVIDIA, is definitely worth a follow-up here. Is CUDA a good way to get introduced to the concepts in compute shaders for D3D11? I gave a qualified yes, but I think it begs some more research. After my talk, I sat through Tim Sweeney’s talk on Unreal’s tool chain. There wasn’t much changed since I saw it at Gamefest a few years back, but there were some cool new features. SSAO. Soft bodies.

There was one minor wrinkle to my talk. While setting up my demos, I ran into a issue that wouldn’t let me run the demo on a computer that didn’t have Gamebryo installed. The irony of the situation is that someone told me about the issue last week, and I said it was no big deal. You live, you learn. Luckily, I solved it by copying a few data files around and adding a bit of batch file magic. %~d0 can be your friend. I’ll give bonus points to any colleague at Emergent that’s reading this and can guess what was happening based on my spartan description above.

Today should be more informative. I’ll be spending all day in the Game Developer track. One of our licensees is talking about physics integration, and I’m on a panel talking about physics. I have to go prep for that now. The day ends with a chat over at NVIDIA about CUDA. I’ve got some feedback for them from my work, and I’m really excited to have a chance to share with them and make CUDA better for everyone. Having done so much middleware, I know how crucial customer input can be. I’m excited to return the favor.

How about beer rather than bonus points to the first who guesses the bug? dba.


3 Responses to “NVISION: Day Two”

  1. Nolan "I hate batch files" Walker Says:

    I’m going to go with the demo not being able to find Samples\Data. As a quick hack you copied that directory to the root of the drive that the batch file that ran your demo was on, so that you could set the our path environment variable correctly prior to running the executable.

  2. whatmakesyouthinkimnot Says:

    Well, that wasn’t very fun. Nolan gets the beer in one comment.


  3. Nolan "...but I do like beer" Walker Says:

    Hooray! I’m glad to hear that your talk went well.

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