NVISION kicked off today. It was a pretty boring day for me since I needed to run through my presentation several times. I spent a large portion of my day here in the hotel talking to myself and researching various bits of my talk that didn’t feel right.

I did get out to hear a talk in the professional track from the CEO of mental images about the future of rendering. He presented an interesting take on the various dimensions within which you can optimize rendering. Speed, Content Cost, Fidelity, etc. In the end though, it felt like a very canned sales pitch for their upcoming Reality Server product which just happens to optimize in the one dimension that nothing else has, multiple simultaneous users.

I spent some time wandering around the exhibit hall. It’s fairly sparsely populated compared to GDC, but it’s probably a little more packed than AGDC. Even so, many of the exhibitors are targetting the PC consumer market. It’s not hugely interesting from my perspective since I’m looking for technologies that could be integrated into Gamebryo.

I wrapped the day testing out my demos on the machine that will be hooked up during my presentation tomorrow which was a good thing. It didn’t run. I’ve got a bit of debugging to do right now.

Tomorrow should be more interesting. dba


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