Inauspicious Start

Despite my best intentions, my blog is off to an inauspicious start. I’ve got a handful of postings, and then I go dark for a few weeks. Luckily, I think it’s just plain bad luck. During my aforementioned move, I received some bad news that my grandfather was in the hospital. He’s doing very well now, but it’s taken some of my spare time over the past couple of weeks to provide family support. Now that time is freeing back up, a little, I figured I’d pop in to hit you with some links.

First off, check out a podcast about Gamebryo 2.5 that I recorded with Adam Creighton a few weeks ago. It’s taken him a bit to clean up the audio, but I’ll forgive him.

Second, Gamefest has come and gone. My office-mate, Vince, attended and gave a talk. You can visit his blog, Beautiful Pixels, from the blogroll if you want. His talk was on parallel rendering with DirectX9. If you’re in game development, you’ll know that getting parallel rendering out of DX9 takes some work. The coolest part about all this is that we’re giving the code away. Check out the Emergent website to download the code and play with it.

With that, I’m out. dba


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