There’s a movie coming out Friday called wanted. You can check out the official site at the link below. In fact, I encourage it since I’m planning to talk about the comic it’s based on a second.


Knowing that this movie was coming out, I read the comic recently. The comic was fair, and it had a good premise. Wesley is in a dead-end job. He’s got no backbone. His father was a bad ass and just died. Yes, in the comic a woman shows up and changes his world. She tells him about his father. He was called The Killer, and he was a member of a fraternity of supervillains.

You feeling it now? Sounds like the trailer up until then, but we’re talking supervillains, as in the opposite of superheroes. See, the main conceit of the comic is that around 1986, all the supervillains teamed up and killed all the superheroes in the world, all of them. The supervillains now run the world. They can do whatever they want, and they have some serious technology that lets them revise history to hide all their actions. It’s a fun premise for a book. I don’t think the comic fulfilled it completely, but it was a fun read. I had no idea how the movie would handle it. From the trailers, it looks like the answer is that it won’t. I’m not sure if that’s fortunate or unfortunate, but I’ll probably go check out the movie to see.

Leave me a comment if you see it. dba


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